Finding sellers before they go on the market!

  • Find prospects who want to sell their home
  • Put your marketing on "autopilot"
  • Get more listings... earn MORE money
  • Generate new listings every month
  • Grab listings before other agents know about them
  • Outsource your marketing ... focus on selling

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Fast Facts

  • For sellers who use an agent, 80% use an agent they did not previously know, and 65% interviewed only one agent. Therefore, by being the first agent to contact prospects who are thinking about selling, you can capture up to 80% of the sales in your territory.
  • Getting listings is as simple as knowing who is thinking about putting their home on the market, and being the first agent to talk to them. Knowing who they are is a function of direct-response marketing.
  • Using direct-response marketing savvy and proprietary Pinpoint Technologyâ„¢, ListingGrabber pinpoints the exact homeowners who are thinking about selling their homes ... before other agents even know about it. This gives you a superior competitive advantage over other agents.
  • Get more listings... earn MORE money!