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    Building Trust Online With New Real Estate Prospects

    March 25, 2016

March 25, 2016

Building Trust Online With New Real Estate Prospects

Real estate prospects want to trust their real estate agent. And a large part of this trust-determining process has been the counsel of friends and family, and a face to face meeting.

But today, there is more to this process. Today, the internet provides prospective real estate clients a wealth of facts and figures about any real estate agent, including those who are barely visible.

Build trust online with your real estate client

Build Trust Online with Your Real Estate Client


If you are barely visible in today’s online-savvy market, what does that say?

  • Are you still active?
  • Do you know how to use the internet?
  • Can & will you use the internet as part of our real estate project?

And if nothing says a lot, what does something say? What is a prospect looking for and what will they find?

Prospects are seeking information with which to make a decision. And central to this decision is, “Can I trust this agent to do what it takes to achieve my objective?”

The vital five elements of building trust online today are

[1] Google search results

[2] Your Website

[3] Your LinkedIn profile

[4] Your Facebook company page

[5] Online reviews

The face to face meeting remains vital but if our online efforts are weak, we may never get the face to face opportunity.

How is your online presence serving you?

What can you do to improve your trustworthiness?

[1] Google yourself. What do you find?

  • Make sure that every result is current, correct and helpful. And do this two, or three times per year.

[2] Is your website attractive, easy to navigate, and does it cause some kind of action?

  • Engage a professional designer to address these challenges and design a purposeful and productive site.

[3] Are your LinkedIn profile and Facebook company page current and useful?

  • If someone were to find you on either of these sites, what impression would they have? What action might they take? Hiring a designer or copywriter for these sites is also advisable.

[4] Have you any reviews?

  • More and more reviews are being used to get input about the decisions we make about restaurants, hotels, contractors, books and movies, to list a few. Third party opinions matter.

These are all vital components of your online presence and they have everything to do with building trust. And the one component that should be within the skill set of a real estate agent is getting reviews.

Part of the sales & service profession is getting feedback from our clients. We want to know how we did and we are usually good about asking for such.

We are also good about asking for referrals. And so asking for an online review should be a reasonably comfortable thing to do. Here’s how to do it:

[1] After the closing, ask your clients if they were pleased with your work.

[2] If okay, ask if they would write a Google review, because it would be very helpful to YOU.

[3] If okay, tell them about the google review form that will be emailed to them.

[4] If okay, send them the email. (Designing this form may require some professional assistance.) There are 5 keys to its being completed well:

  • Simple to navigate
  • Start with a 5 star rating option
  • Provide some suggestions as to what they might mention
  • Ask for their names and background
  • Ask if they would use you again

In today’s internet dominated markets, people are using online reviews more and more in their efforts to make better decisions on almost everything. And though there is more to know about online reviews, this post is focused on the key ingredient which is asking for the reviews, because if we do not ask for them, we will not receive them.

And if we receive them, we can build trust with our prospects before and after our face to face meetings.

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Steve Gatter is a LinkedIn Copywriter, Coach & Sales Strategist. He works with small business owners and teaches them, how to use LinkedIn to attract customers.
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