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    Online Reviews are the New Word-of-Mouth

    April 15, 2016

April 15, 2016

Online Reviews are the New Word-of-Mouth

Do you really want to be found online? Have you googled yourself lately? How do you look? How’s your reputation? Online Marketing Dashboard is offering a free assessment of your current reputation.

Click here to order yours today, because the “online you” might be causing nothing to happen or worse, something ugly.

Online reviews are for real.

92% of consumers read online reviews  (source * BrightLocal)

And more and more reviews are posted every day.

Yelp users are posting over 26,000 reviews per minute! (source Expandedrambling.com)

Every day consumers are reading and posting more reviews. What are they reading and saying about you?

Reputation Management is the regular practice of keeping your online brand alive and well. It includes three essential elements:


  • Is your online information accurate and current?
  • What are you doing to get reviews?
  • Are you monitoring your reviews?

And . . .

[1] Online reviews are proven to drive sales. On average they increase sales 18%!

[2] Online reviews are now trusted as much as personal recommendations.

[3] Online reviews are the new “word-of-mouth” – especially among the millennial generation.

[4] Online reviews influence SEO results. The timeliness of the reviews and the number of them are part of search algorithms.

If you’re not tending to your online reputation you may well find it full of errors and negative comments.

At the very least, you might want to check yours today. Click here to order your assessment. It’s free.

And then, when you know you look marvelous online, get more reviews.

Each industry and each niche you serve has its own preferred review site and Google of course is the mother of all.

The primary challenge is to get your best customers to post their rave reviews. The naysayers seem to be primed and ready to act, but the good, the nice and the friendly tend to be silent. Activating these good people takes some extra effort, which is effort well spent.

A best practice is to ask every customer in a timely, straightforward and no strings attached, manner:

“Thank you for allowing us to be of service. Your sharing some comments about your experience would be helpful to us and to other buyers. Please click here and share just a sentence or two. Thank you.”

Consistency and constancy are the keys: Do and keep doing.

Reputation management is being in and among the people and getting their voices to join yours. And when they do, it’s wise to check their work, regularly – a job that can and should be outsourced, or a position to be specifically hired for.

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Steve Gatter
Steve Gatter is a LinkedIn Copywriter, Coach & Sales Strategist. He works with small business owners and teaches them, how to use LinkedIn to attract customers.
Steve Gatter
Steve Gatter

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    It's a pleasure to find someone who can identify the issues so clearly

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