April 9, 2016

Real Estate Farming Postcards Ideas

There is a lot of money to be made in real estate farming.  The key to doing it is frequent mailings with the right content and the right postcard ideas.  This is what we do day in and day out with our clients, ranging from one end of the country to the other.  Surprisingly, it is actually one of the biggest unknowns for most real estate agents.  How do you do real estate farming with postcards and how do you make it successful? Let’s talk about what it is that makes real estate farming postcards ideas work.

If you are reading this, I’m assuming you are one of two types of agents: You are a smaller agent and you want to get a basic course on how to do real estate farming with postcards or you are a serious agent and you want to make real estate postcard farming an integral aspect of your business.  If that’s you, then there are definitely some advanced things you can do that will knock it out of the park in producing results.  We’ll go into more detail in our next blog.  For now, let’s talk about the first method.

Basic Real Estate Farming Postcards Ideas

If you want to dabble in real estate postcard farming and want some ideas that will give you the greatest amount of success with the least amount of effort then hands down, the most important thing you can do is send just sold postcards on an ongoing basis.

You want to mail the farm at least once a month.  During the listing season when everyone is putting homes on the market to list, consider mailing it twice a month.  See our recent blog on “Just Sold Postcard Wording That Works” to understand how to send out just sold postcards.   It doesn’t matter if your recent sales are in the farm that you would like to target or not.  The most important thing that matters is that the photo you use for the home you sold represents the types of homes in the farm that you are going after.  So if the exterior does not represent those homes, simply use an interior photo so you can still show off the sale.

Let’s assume you don’t have two sales you can send during a single month.  Pull a sale you made in the recent past and relabel the card from “Just Sold” to “Sold.”  This allows you to show off a sale even though it’s not a “Just Sold” sale.

You may also ask, “Why ‘Just Sold’ postcards?”  These are the easiest postcards you can send that articulate to homeowners that you are actively selling homes.  This is the #1 thing they want to know when they select an agent.

So let’s recap.  If you want simple real estate farming postcards ideas that work, send just sold postcards a minimum of once a month and twice a month during peak season. Learn more!

Beatty Carmichael

Beatty Carmichael

CEO, Master Grabber / Listing Grabber at Listing Grabber
A veteran marketer and direct response expert, Beatty’s professional career began in 1997. As clients began hitting sales records word of their success began spreading. Beatty’s business grew and began servicing tens of thousands of independent sales reps in a range of industries from health & wellness, weight loss, legal, accounting, travel, medical benefits, nutritional supplements and real estate. He has taught marketing techniques and concepts for audiences numbering as many as 4,000, conducted hundreds of tele-seminars on the subject, and has guest lectured on marketing for graduate students at a local university. He is currently the founder and CEO of Listing Grabber.com.
Beatty Carmichael
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