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Money Back Guarantee

How To Generate Real Estate Leads

NelsonR’s Testimonials on Seller Leads Commissions

“We earned $99,123 in seller leads commissions from Listing Grabber in our first 12 months. After 18 months we now sell 22% of the homes in our 1900 home farm, outselling the #2 listing agent by over 7 times!”
Nelson R., RE/MAX (65 transactions a year)

Ed F’s Testimonial for Listing-Grabber as Lead Generation Company

“I had been looking at lead generation companies to find real estate seller leads when I found Listing Grabber.  I signed up, and for the first 4 or 5 months I was listing almost one home a month from Listing Grabber.  After 6 months I began listing 2 to 3 homes a month.”
Ed F., Keller Williams Principle Broker (100 transactions a year)

Catherine P Talking About Earnings from Listing-Grabber Seller Leads

“I signed up with Listing Grabber to get listings 3 months after I got my real estate license.  I had just moved to a new state and knew no-one.  Within 15 months I had earned $97,775 in commissions directly from Listing Grabber seller leads!”
Catherine P.

Stuart S’s Testimonials on Motivated Home Seller Leads

“After the first mailing looking for motivated home seller leads I signed 2 listings.  I went on to earn $87,932 in my first year from Listing Grabber.  I recently added a new farm of 1000 homes and after 7 months I’ve already had 14 listing appointments … and ALL of them chose me to list their home!”
Stuart S., RE/MAX Diamond Club member (over $1 million in commissions in a year)

Scott G Talks About How Listing-Grabber Helped Developing His Business

“Since we implemented Listing Grabber 3 months ago to generate real estate leads, we have already reached $3 million in sales, and in the next 3 months we should have another $3M to $5M of listing inventory coming in.  We have been slammed to the point where we are hiring another assistant.”
Scott G., Berkshire Hathaway

Fran W Testimonies How to Get Listings With Listing-Grabber

“After 20 years in real estate I was worn out and about to quit.  I researched how to get listings and signed up with Listing Grabber.  Targeting a luxury home community I earned $100K in my first 6 months and have already earned over $150K in the first 8 months of this year.  Listing Grabber has rejuvenated my business!”
Fran W., Century 21

Jason W’s Testimonials on Benefits of Listing Grabber’s Branding Cards

“Since we added Listing Grabber’s professional branding cards to my existing mailings two months ago, I’ve already had 6 strong listing appointments. Two of them called and said their home was on the market, it wasn’t selling, their listing contract was about to expire … and asked if I would sell their home once their contract expired!”
Jason W., RE/MAX Top Producer (owner of the #1 RE/MAX team in the world with over 1120 transactions a year)

John K Recommends Listing Grabber’s System for Increasing Real Estate Listings

“I was looking for a system to help my agents increase their listings when I came across Listing Grabber. I initially tried it myself, personally, and I was so impressed with the results I have recommended it to 4 of my agents who are all using it now and love it!”
John K., Broker Owner

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Listing Grabber Cost?
Costs vary based on many factors. While average clients typically spend $300 to $500 a month, some spend less and others spend more.

What happens when I fill out the “Learn More / Request Info” form above?
Our Request Info form is a 2 page form. Once you complete the first page you can request different information from us on the second page. Options may include requesting pricing details, scheduling a demo, speaking with someone, requesting postcard samples mailed to you, etc.

How long does it take to get listings?
While a number of clients get their first listing within one or two months, we prefer to set expectations that it may take longer. How quickly you get listings depends on many factors. Two of the biggest are how many homes you target (the more homes targeted the faster you’ll get listings) and how well you follow Best Practices when following up. For example, Cathy and Jason are two clients. They both target about the same number of homes. Out of the first 11 listings we found for each of them, Cathy signed all 11 listings and Jason signed only 1. Why the difference? Cathy followed our Best Practices and Jason did not.

What if this doesn’t work for me?
If you don’t get the results we promisethen you are protected by our money back guarantee.

How long have you been doing this?
We’ve been in business since 1997 (over 18 years) focused exclusively on performance-based marketing tools for independent sales agents. We’ve been providing Listing Grabber services for real estate agents since 2012.

How to get listings and find motivated home seller leads before other agents even know they are planning to sell…

Listing Grabber helps you find prime real estate seller leads before they go on the market. Unlike real estate lead generation companies, Listing Grabber integrates proven direct response marketing with proprietary “stealth technology,” enabling you to identify motivated sellers months before they list. Knowing who is planning to sell gives you the competitive edge to get listings before other agents even know about them. Our track record of finding motivated home seller leads who list has been so successful we guarantee your results or money back!

Need real estate seller leads?

Discover real estate lead generation ideas to find motivated sellers before they list so you can get listings first!
Discover Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas

How does Listing Grabber Benefit You?

Find Real Estate Seller Leads First
Find Sellers Who Want To Sell Their Home

Our proprietary marketing identifies which homeowners are planning to sell months before they go on the market. Knowing who is about to sell makes it easy to get more seller leads … and get listings.

Complete Real Estate Lead Generation Marketing System
Put your marketing on “Autopilot”

Listing Grabber is a complete real estate lead generation marketing system. Because of this you don’t have to worry how to find motivated sellers. “Outsource” that to us and focus your efforts on selling homes of the seller leads we help you generate.

Generate Real Estate Leads Every Month
generate new listings every month

As the real estate adage says, “you must list if you want to last.” And with Listing Grabber we make it simple. By identifying sellers before they come on the market you can get listings first before other agents even know about them. Get listings … earn money!

More Leads Through Territory Based Agent Allocation System
Each territory is exclusive to ONE agent

We work with only one agent in any given territory. Exclusive territories means you have a clear, competitive edge over other agents when it comes to getting more real estate listings. Territories are assigned on a first-come first-served basis, so check to see if your territory is still available and reserve it today.

Real estate lead generation companies aren’t the answer…

Listing Grabber is the only real estate marketing company who GUARANTEES your results, or money back!
Real Estate Company With Money Back Guarantee