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    The Listing Games: 3 Ways to Get a Step Ahead in the Real Estate Race

    June 18, 2016

June 18, 2016

The Listing Games: 3 Ways to Get a Step Ahead in the Real Estate Race

In the big, competitive world of real estate, success as an agent really depends on the number and quality of new listings. With the competition being as fierce as ever, the race to grab the most prospects can produce winners with millions of dollars in profits in a matter of months, or losers with no listings, no prospects and zero profits. For an agent, making sure to end up as a winner, can take some smart thinking and decision makings.

There are statistics and surveys from organizations such as the National Association of Realtors, showing that up to 80 percent of the homeowners who sold their properties with agents, did so with agents they did not know before. And additionally, two-thirds of those homeowners hired the very first agent they talked to. Being that very first agent could very well mean a major profit and a significant leap ahead in the real estate race.

No matter how tough the competition may be, there are always ways to step ahead in the listings game and generate more listings and reach more prospects. Below is a list of 3 of those ways to get success as an agent.

1. Grabbing New Prospects Before They Come in the Market

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Imagine recognizing a potential homeowner before they actually put themselves out on to the market and before they even approach a real estate agent on their own. Imagine identifying who is looking to sell their property before anyone else looking to make a profit even hears of them. That, no matter how impossible it all sounds, is very much doable with the right marketing approach.

Grabbing the vast majority of listings in any given target area first, is probably the first step in the real estate race. And Listing Grabber can aid you in that with its revolutionary real estate marketing techniques that feature a virtual map of listings that can then be targeted, all before the competition even hears of them.

2. Getting an Automated Filling of Your Listing Pipelines with Prospects

Filling in the pipelines manually with listing prospects and converting them into confirmed listings can prove to be quite the hassle in the long run and it certainly takes most of the fun out of being a real estate agent.

With an automated system that identifies prospects by itself, you can make the process of recognition of potential sellers a lot easier and simply concentrate on turning them into confirmed listings.

Listing Grabber’s entire system is built upon this very principle. The virtual map of listings, as mentioned before, can automatically target prospects, enabling you to approach them before other agents.

3. Listing Grabber as a Marketing Tool

Listing Grabber is the ideal service for listing leads as a real estate agent. Whether you are just looking to get into the business or are a seasoned veteran looking to increase income by a wide margin, Listing Grabber can help you find sellers before they go on the market. Automate this marketing strategy on your way to success in the real estate field.

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Listing Grabber helps you find prime real estate seller leads before they go on the market. Unlike real estate lead generation companies, Listing Grabber integrates proven direct response marketing with proprietary “stealth technology,” enabling you to identify motivated sellers months before they list.
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