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    5 Steps For Preparing A House To Sell – There’s Only One Chance To Make A First Impression

    June 24, 2016

June 24, 2016

5 Steps For Preparing A House To Sell – There’s Only One Chance To Make A First Impression

When getting ready to list a property, there is only one chance to make a first impression. Preparation is critical to getting the greatest response from the marketplace, and the fastest sale at the highest price.  It begins with educating the seller at the presentation meeting and then getting ready.

Staging the House – Inside
  1. De-clutter – get help from an organizer or rent a storage container but less is more for the house to look its best.
  2. Make all repairs, big and small
  3. Paint everything with neutral colors
  4. Clean or replace carpet and refinish floors
  5. Hire a commercial cleaning crew
  6. Use your best furniture and hire a staging company to add pieces and accessorize
Exterior and Landscaping
  1. Power wash the house, walkways, and patios
  2. Trim trees and remove dead ones
  3. Replace and add new bushes and mulch
  4. Have the lawn groomed professionally
Professional Photos and Videos
  1. Photos must be done professionally as they will be used everywhere
  2. Videos must comfortably view the home and accentuate the assets

Promotional Materials

  1. Printed materials must be well designed and highly professional
  2. Content, content, content – the more information that is given about the home, the more likely it is that something will stand out to the prospect that makes the property special
  3. Mobile ready website must be easy to navigate and have great pictures, videos and content
Attracting the Buyers
  1. The first impression of the property is the one that will attract the buyers.  Many times the prospect will overlook a listing because the pictures or the content is not appealing.
  2. It is the job of the listing agent to make sure that the seller is ready to list and make a stunning first impression that will interest and engage the buyers.

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Preparation is one of the Four P’s that we use at Listing grabber to give our clients the best advantage for selling properties. Listing Grabber provides a proven method for finding home owners that are thinking of selling before they contact a realtor.  Our direct mail system and stealth technology generate calls from motivated sellers which lead to face to face opportunities to make a listing presentation. Listing grabber then shares experience and expertise to turn those meetings into listings, the listings into sales and the sales into referrals.  Learn about the 4 P’s: Preparation, Pricing, Presentation, and Promotion. Listing grabber will provide you with superior services and tools that outpace the most aggressive marketing in the industry.
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