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    Cutting Edge Marketing For Getting Motivated Sales Listing

    June 10, 2016

June 10, 2016

Cutting Edge Marketing For Getting Motivated Sales Listing

Hunting for value in the market place is a common goal for all, regardless of the nature, design or location of the market. The market is constantly seeking for increased value and efficiency. As humans, this value driven energy of the market continuously drives us to look for more and more value and more efficiency.

In the real estate business, especially for agents, value presents itself in the form of good commissions paid out to listing agents, as a reward for their good grasp and know how of getting motivated sellers listing. In the wake of more and more agents looking for more home owners ready to sell their real estate, the market has been transformed into a ring of fist fights over bread crumbs while the smartest agents identify sellers of real estate right before they list their homes on the market. This information has become the key ingredient for success in the market.

We'll Help You to Find Motivated Sales Listing

If you’re a real estate agent, the million-dollar question on your mind right now would be, is it possible to be at the cutting edge of real estate marketing today? Is it possible to identify home owners who are motivated to sell, right before they list their houses on the market?

At Listing Grabber; we have helped hundreds of agents get access to cutting edge information by coaching and helping them get motivated sellers in the market.  Plus; we also offer excellent follow up on their prospects with a 30 day money back guarantee i.e. if you find the program not working for you.

To be able to get sellers list that will give you more work than you can handle, you have to focus on the value that you bring to the table.  Value represents your secret ingredient. The secret sauce that makes doing business with you great. Once you acquire this secret ingredient, you will be overwhelmed by the amount of repeat business you will get.

As more and more agents are getting into the real estate market, it has become more difficult to choose the best. Most home owners will agree that there isn’t much of a difference between the agents and the benefits that they offer. With this idea in mind it becomes important for any agent on the real estate market to acquire new skill or be wiped out by the competition.  Fortunately for agents, when you know whose planning to sell before your competition, you could make more sells and more money.

Listing Grabber works fast to help you get full prices on all your clients with guaranteed response and feedback of all your prospects. Listing Grabber is a revolutionary new technology that does what many agents for decades have thought was absolutely impossible.

This new technology makes it possible to identify home owners planning to sell right before they even contact their agents or put their home on the market.

Thanks to Listing Grabber, you can now quickly gain these skills and also receive coaching on how to use them to increase your sellers list.

3 Ingredients That Generate Listing

Using these three ingredients you can generate listings anywhere you want

1.Stealth Marketing:

With Listing Grabber unique proprietary technology, you will be able to identify the seller of the real estate before they get to the market. This means being in touch with the community at a deep level. This connection gives you a competitive age at getting first hand information of who is about to sell. Wouldn’t that make you stand out from the other agents?

2. Strategic Positioning

Home owners believe that all agents are the same. So if the home owners believe that you’re just like any other agent then the home owner has no reason to call you. The home owner would rather call someone else and that’s why more agents are getting less business down the road. So how do you go about changing the mind of the home owner, how do you strategically position yourself to get that call?

To accomplish this, Listing Grabber will put you through a professional copywriter i.e. enable you to learn skills from experienced and professional agents who have done this for years. Listing Grabber will also enable you to create a custom marketing strategy that is designed to differentiate you from all other agents. Before you know it you will be getting calls from home owners asking you to sell their homes.

3. Best Practices. Can You Be Trusted?

This involves what you do to follow through with your client list. It also involves your reputation outside the business.  Did you know that 20 percent of client referrals will happen without you asking for it, as long as you maintain a good reputation and carry out these best practices?  This just shows you how significant best practices are in getting more and more business from your clients.

The interesting thing about these qualities that make an agent stand is the market is that they aren’t difficult to do, just that most agents never do them. They are simple things that build trust and confidence in the home owners mind compelling them to choose you.

Money back guarantee

In addition to the coaching you receive on all these practices, Listing Grabber with its special online tracking technology, will track down your prospectus everywhere they go on the internet, placing your ads on the sites they visit. Listing Grabber cutting edge technology will ensure that it gets hard for the client to forget your existence.

What’s even more exciting is that Listing Grabber gives you a 12 month money back guarantee if you get less than 1 out of every 9 listings in your area. Your marketing and visibility program will be taken care of therefore leaving you time to focus on the clients and their needs. With tools such as Listing Grabber, all it takes to be at the cutting edge of real estate marketing is to have the right kind of information and taking action now.

Listing Grabber
Listing Grabber helps you find prime real estate seller leads before they go on the market. Unlike real estate lead generation companies, Listing Grabber integrates proven direct response marketing with proprietary “stealth technology,” enabling you to identify motivated sellers months before they list.
Listing Grabber
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