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    How Listing Grabber Gets You the Best in Real Estate Listings

    June 22, 2016

June 22, 2016

How Listing Grabber Gets You the Best in Real Estate Listings

It is no secret that good, quality listings are the lifeblood of the real estate business. How numerous the listings are and whether or not they will translate onto confirmed ones, these two points are on every real estate agent’s mind. But getting the highest number of confirmed prospects is not as easy as it sounds, especially in this day and age, with the mounting competition.

There is only so much a real estate agent can do to grab listings on their own. They can go out physically, scope the market on their own and despite all the efforts, chances are that they will end up with no prospects at all. There are several factors that contribute to such a failure.

Firstly, there is the possibility that the agent in question might not reach the prospective homeowner in time to list them in the confirmed lists. Secondly, your marketing strategy might not be up to par, leaving you behind in the listings race.

Fortunately, there are solutions to all of the aforementioned problems. Listing Grabber is one such solution, and it is arguably the best, taking into account the current standards of the real estate business.

What is Listing Grabber

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Listing Grabber is a prime real estate seller lead generation service that has been in the business for the better part of 8 years, providing top-notch seller leads that eventually lead to successful listings and in turn, sizeable profits. The success stories associated with the services provided by Listing Grabber are many and still continue to grow.

The service uses a clever formula that guarantees listing at least one home a month, progressing to 2 to 3 homes a month in a matter of 6 to 7 months. It consists of some brilliant marketing and an intelligent prospect recognition and farming system.

Here are the ways by which Listing Grabber helps real estate agents find the best in real estate listings.

The Formula for Success

Consider this scenario; you are a real estate agent with a specific group of homes in your territory. You go from house to house, looking for any indications that any of the houses is up for sale. And you talk to the homeowner only to find out that they are already in talks with another agent. Your listings pipeline remains empty despite your best efforts.

Listing Grabber lets you get one step ahead of the competition by immediately recognizing prospect home owners before they formally appear on the market. Once you possess the ability to know which owners are looking to sell, before they have even decided to put their properties on the market, you will always stay ahead of the competition, no matter how tough the latter gets.

With its revolutionary approach to automated listings pipeline filling, Listing Grabber has proven time and time again that with the right approach, being a real estate agent can be fun as well as immensely profitable. Learn more

Listing Grabber
Listing Grabber helps you find prime real estate seller leads before they go on the market. Unlike real estate lead generation companies, Listing Grabber integrates proven direct response marketing with proprietary “stealth technology,” enabling you to identify motivated sellers months before they list.
Listing Grabber

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