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    Improving How Most Agents Grow Their Business

    May 10, 2016

May 10, 2016

Improving How Most Agents Grow Their Business

Okay, so the question comes up, “how do you grow your real estate business?”  Tough question, right?  Wrong.  It’s actually pretty easy.  Let me explain…

While you and I can probably come up with a lot of answers to this, I’d like to suggest there are really only 4 ways to grow your business:

  1. Sphere of influence (SOI) and past clients
  2. Buying and working leads
  3. Working Expireds and FSBOs and
  4. Marketing for new business.


Almost everything you do to grow your business falls into one of these 4 things.  But if you really want to supercharge your business, only the fourth has the ability to grow it fast.


Let me share why…

Sphere of Influence and Past Clients

SOI and past clients are very profitable.  They know and like you, and will use you or refer you to others.

But if you want to grow your business fast … this can’t do it.  Staying in touch with SOI and past clients can take a long time to grow.  If you want to grow fast you have to reach out to new relationships … relationships you do not currently have.  And only marketing can do that.

Buying and Working Leads

Buying leads is easy.  And there are tons of places to sell you leads.

But there are 2 BIG problems I’ve found with them.

First, the lead quality is usually less than desired.

Lead provides make money generating leads at the lowest cost and selling them at the highest price.  What that means is you typically get low quality leads that have been sold to lots of people. While that works great for the lead provider it’s not so good you.  You spend time following up with poor quality leads who are being targeted by other agents at the same time.  No wonder it’s hard to make sales from them.

Second, as long as you rely on others to get leads for you you’ll never become independent.  Someone else will always control your destiny and you’ll always be at their mercy.

The old adage holds true — if you give a man a fish, you’ll feed him for a day;  if you teach him to fish, you’ll feed him for a lifetime.  This is probably the most important reason to learn marketing and how to generate your own business.

Working Expireds and FSBOs

You can make a lot of money working expired listings and FSBOs.

Both are easy to get.  But the key is how you follow up.  The old saying hold true, “the fortune is in the follow through.”  The problem is most agents never follow through long enough or effectively enough to make much money with them.

Why?  Because they don’t know how.

And that is where a better grasp of marketing is handy.  If you know how to market, you can more effectively follow through with expireds and FSBOs (or any prospect for that matter) … and you’ll earn a lot more money.

Tips on how to effectively follow through is one of the things I’ll be covering in this series.

By the way, if you already work expireds or other types of seller leads, and you want an easy way to effectively follow through with them, check out ListingLeadsConverter.com.  It’s an automated, turn-key system we put together.  Very cool!

Marketing for New Business

If you want to quickly grow and sustain a profitable real estate business, marketing is the best way to do it.

Think about marketing as the accelerator in your car.  Push the accelerator down and your car goes faster.  The same happens with marketing — push down the marketing pedal of your business and your business goes faster.

Marketing transcends everything you do growing your business.  Whether it’s touching your SOI or past clients, talking to someone face to face, mailing a postcard, putting out flyers, running online ads, buying billboard space and more.

It’s all marketing.  And the more you understand it the more money you can earn.

Where we are going from here…

So with this as an overview, let me share where we’re going next.

Marketing is a big field and has a number of facets.  What I want to share in this series are those aspects of marketing that are the easiest to do and generate the most results for your real estate business.

Part of what I’ll be sharing is focused on direct response marketing — that type of marketing that generates leads immediately.

Another part is focused on branding marketing.  Branding is how you build your reputation in prospects’ minds so when they need a real estate agent you are the first (and sometimes only) person they think of.

I’ll then walk you through simple ways to generate the highest quality leads on an ongoing basis.  I’ll share steps to dramatically build your reputation through doing branding marketing the right way.  And trust me — if you are like most agents and think you know what branding is, you’re probably wrong.

And finally, I’ll walk you through step by step how to apply these marketing principles in your everyday real estate life to build your business now.

So … stay tuned for the next article! Learn more!

Beatty Carmichael

Beatty Carmichael

CEO, Master Grabber / Listing Grabber at Listing Grabber
A veteran marketer and direct response expert, Beatty’s professional career began in 1997. As clients began hitting sales records word of their success began spreading. Beatty’s business grew and began servicing tens of thousands of independent sales reps in a range of industries from health & wellness, weight loss, legal, accounting, travel, medical benefits, nutritional supplements and real estate. He has taught marketing techniques and concepts for audiences numbering as many as 4,000, conducted hundreds of tele-seminars on the subject, and has guest lectured on marketing for graduate students at a local university. He is currently the founder and CEO of Listing Grabber.com.
Beatty Carmichael
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    Such an impressive answer! You've beaten us all with that!

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