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    A Neighbor Knows Someone That’s Thinking of Selling – What’s Your Next Move?

    June 8, 2016

June 8, 2016

A Neighbor Knows Someone That’s Thinking of Selling – What’s Your Next Move?

Just this morning, I heard another “buyer’s agent” talk about how many people want to buy houses but they can’t find anything.  She referred to the “seller’s agent” on her team that sends out hundreds of postcards to various neighborhoods, hoping that someone who is thinking of selling will call.


Statistically, the return on direct mail is about 1%, or one out of 100.  So when you hear about a property owner that is thinking of selling, what should you do to secure the listing?  If it is someone you have not met before, or a cold lead, it is important to build a relationship with the prospect.  Certainly if you have their number, call and make an appointment to see their house and talk.  If you only have an address, then you need to send something in the mail.



  • Have a professional picture of yourself on all mailing pieces so the customer gets to know you.
  • Provide valuable information like “3 Critical Steps for Pricing Your House to Sell”.
  • Have a “Call to Action” that moves them to connect like “I Will Sell Your Home with This Strategy”.
  • Have a free download if they put in their email and phone, and send it to them.
  • Create urgency: “Buying slows down when school starts – Take advantage of the market demand right now.”  Get Your Free Assessment:  Enter Name, Email and Phone.
  • Follow up and mix it up – too many phone calls can get annoying and be a turn-off.  Try sending a small gift like brownies or chocolate chip cookies with a card.  This gives them a reason to connect again and distinguishes you from the rest.  Invite them for coffee or lunch and ask a lot of questions about their family, occupation, recreation and plans for moving.
  • Choose multiple communication venues:  phone, text, email, mail, social media, drop off etc.

By now, you should have clinched the listing and made a good friend.  Certainly, communication styles are different with every person and with each customer.  The key is consistency and variety.

What would it be like if you were introduced to people that were thinking of selling BEFORE they contact an agent?   And what if there was a company that does all that follow up for you, even the chocolate chip cookies?

That’s what LISTING GRABBER does – and it will put you way ahead of the competition!!

Listing Grabber
Listing Grabber helps you find prime real estate seller leads before they go on the market. Unlike real estate lead generation companies, Listing Grabber integrates proven direct response marketing with proprietary “stealth technology,” enabling you to identify motivated sellers months before they list.
Listing Grabber
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    This is the perfect way to break down this information.

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