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    7 Tools for Building Genuine and Beneficial Business Connections

    June 6, 2016

June 6, 2016

7 Tools for Building Genuine and Beneficial Business Connections

For most small business owners, face to face networking is an essential part of our job. Every week we meet interesting new people, but everyone is busy and keeping up with the leads is a challenge. So how do we get from the meet and greet exchange of business cards to meaningful relationships?

How to Build Genuine Business Connections

7 Tips to Build Great Business Connections

1. Serve, Don’t Sell

Ask questions and get to know the person, and what they need. When your mind is set on helping the other business owner, it always produces benefits for you. As real estate professionals, you have access to products and services that everyone needs. People always appreciate pre-screened resources.

2. Make Introductions

Make a note of people with similar skill sets and interests and invite them for coffee. They will appreciate the valuable connection, you can interact with both of them at the same time, and they will get to know you better.

3. Organize Your Network Connections

Choose a database where you can make notes and create groups by business type, where you met them, and what type of referral partner they are. Add some personal information about their family, pets and hobbies, so you can show an interest in their personal life.

4. Keep in Touch

Developing and maintaining relationships requires regular communication. That can mean a quick “how’s it going?” phone call, an e-mail, a social media connection, coffee date, or business meeting. Ask them what they need and how you might help.

5. Have Some Fun

Invite them to lunch or to a concert or gallery opening. They should know that you care about them as a person, not just a resource.

6. Keep Them Informed

Produce an e-mail communication or newsletter with valuable information.  It can be a list of activities and fireworks events for 4th of July, a feature story on a new business in town,volunteer opportunities or a status report on the real estate market and the economy. If someone is looking to buy or find a good listing agent, they will think of you as a valuable resource of information.

7. Keep It Manageable

Determine what is right for you and your schedule. How many times a month can you dedicate to networking. Choose 2 or 3 groups to attend on a regular basis where you develop solid referral partners. Try out a new meeting for variety, or one that has a special activity or speaker of interest. It is more beneficial to allow time to work the leads you have, rather than building a huge business card collection.

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